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If you are interested in supporting the work in which jonetta rose barras is engaged by making a donation, hiring her to appear at one of your events, assist you with writing projects or purchase advertising space on this website please contact or call 202-829-0591

From conception to design, implementation and evaluation, jonetta rose barras has help guide individuals and businesses with various special projects including media and marketing campaigns, advertorials, visual arts exhibitions, cultural festivals and community outreach programs. Nothing is too small or too large.


The African-American Museum Association, the D.C. Commission on the Arts, and the Association of American Cultures, Inc., the League of Women Voters, the Patton Corporation, the Robert Bobb Group, and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Arts have all been jonetta’s clients.


If you’re thinking of writing a memoir, a series of opinion essays, want to present a community festival or arts exhibition,  need to strategize how to market your company or product to a larger audience or want to explore creative options for advancing your professional career, then connect with me.

jonetta rose barras

jonetta rose barras

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