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jonetta rose barras found her voice, experiencing life as a poet, fiction writer, performing artist, and community organizer. Along the way she became a magazine feature writer, investigative reporter and contextual journalist. Her strength remains her ability to connect for the public seemingly unrelated issues, enabling them to better understand the impact public policy, politics and culture in America have on their lives. 

These days jonetta writes opinion essays and books. She also works with Esther Productions Inc. to inspire and empower fatherless girls and women.

jonetta is dedicated to living her life with compassion, passion and without training wheels.


                               (jonetta rose barras’ full CV is available upon request)

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any," Alice Walker

My Mission

Speaking truth to power isn’t some empty cliché--at least not for me. It is a guiding force for my work, whether creative writing, journalism,opinion essays, workshops or consulting. The mission is to teach people how to challenge power but also how to empower themselves.

Our Mission

My Vision

 I see myself, always, as a positive force in the world, acting deliberately and with purpose to make things and life better for the people I meet on my journey.

We Need Your Support Today!

If you are interested in supporting the work in which jonetta rose barras is engaged by making a donation, hiring her to appear at one of your events, assist you with writing projects or purchase advertising space on this website please contact or call 202-829-0591

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